New bug! pvp spectate mode not really doing its job

So a bug that has been recurring is the pvp spectate mode, its not game changing in any degree or effecting but it is very irritating;

what you expect to happen during spectate mode is that your player is invisible and cannot damage/be damaged, and all things related to the players such as projectiles and particle effects not to be visible while you peacefully stalk someone. instead your appearance is disrupted and other players can see projectiles and particles.

a secondary bug that i didnt take any footage of is somehow death sickle and chlorophyte partisian dealing damage, i couldn’t recreate it but from remembering what happened it is somehow related to leaving spawn while in spectate mode, and somehow during the period of pvp turning on and off the player can deal damage, i will experiment more with this region of the bug but i think it wont effect that much in the long run

until now i dont have an explanation for the bug and how it works, and how sometimes the player in spectate shows as a body, and sometimes not. nor on how you can get damaged/deal damage in some rare occasions. ill keep working on the bug and updating the post but i’d like people and other mods to be aware of this and send me if they have footage of a similar thing happening.

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I have always wondered why appearances can appear ruptured in DG (I have not seen or heard of similar cases within other servers) but I digress.
These bugs are not new and had been around for a while. I do not fully understand the nature of these bugs, but do know that the impetus of spectator mode is your pos, or the position of your body. Within this state, your pos is supposed to be static within spawn (the non-pvp region). Although now-viewable from the affected player themselves, others can observe your (actual) body being at spawn (but there are strange instances when a dismembered and sometimes interactable player body occurs on the location where one activates spectator mode).
Next time you deal damage or projectiles/particle affects deriving from you are viewable by other players while in spectator mode, try /pos to check if your position has been altered. If you go into the FFA arena and get affected by the perma-buffs, your pos has been definitely altered.