New Ability idea "Wizard"

  • melee(for a melee, some weapons can cast projectiles which makes a range class XD does not require mana or ammo, very durable armor chest upgrades)
  • range(guns, bows, projectile item users, bazuka and bomb yeeting)
  • mage(overly dependent on max mana to use magic weapons continuously, even with the mana regen and potions, feels like still not enough, also using mana potions that regens a lot of mana makes you wanna increase much of your mana for not the potion to be a waste)
  • summoner(very lazy class which does not much needed mana after summoning minions that’s much it, once you have new or upgraded summoning staff, unequip and equip armor and resummon there you have new powerful minions, and just whipping)

out of the classes in game(zombiemode) mage class very lacks the early game potential to fend off incoming enemies very much in early(maybe in late game aswell)
so i suggest a ability for the mage class which will add a capability in the game.


  • noticing that the mage class is over dependent on magic weapons to attack Enemies, doesn’t perform their own magic, if these weapon where to dissapear, what would happen to the futures of these mages.

skill unlocked via: completing round 15 at (magic academy if there is a such thing, the mages are recalling and learning the teachings of the past about magic to fight against the old enemies of the abyss) or a map that has a magic theme

WW - cast a fire spell, deals and inflict burn damage

upgrade in every or at (X)wave/round:
-projectile damage upon hitting the first enemy increases
-area damage increase
-area damage size increases
-burn damage increases or leaving a trail of fire at specific round

WS - cast a lightning spell above the enemies which stuns for few secons and deal multiple damage to enemies at an area

upgrade in every or at (X)wave/round:
-increase chance of delayed or aftereffects of lightnings to occur. (the delayed lightning aftereffects cannot create it’s own delayed lightning aftereffects, that would be catastrophic , the delayed lightning strike only occur once for every first few lightning strikes)
-increase damage
-increase delayed lightnings damage

SW - summons ground attack spikes underneath the enemy, inflicts bleed and injury debuff to all the enemies affected

upgrade in every or at (X)wave/round:
-increase damage
-increase the number of spike summon(with a max limit of no. of spikes)

SS - Cast a cold atmosphere around or at an area to slows enemies for a few seconds and freeze enemies damage is dealt.

-increase slow
-increase freeze damage
-add an effect where if enemies are still at freeze state and gets inflicted by a another debuff which is the “burn”, which then the frostburn will take effect.

(i was gonna add air spells, but telekinesis ability is mostly like an air spell XD)

(One spell can only be cast every “wizard is ready”)

when wizard is use by a non-mage class, the ability will change into a debuffing ability.
will inflict debuff uppon inflicting damage.

Is the idea good?

Mystic Library?

What projectile is the fire spell?

What projectiles are the upgrades? You’d need to change the projectile to something with a larger explosion, since it’s impossible to just modify the explosion size of an existing projectile.

The player leaves a trail of fire? The projectile leaves a trail of fire? How does it leave a trail of fire, anyways? Also, what projectiles are used in the upgrades that inflict stronger debuffs (since I think that’s what you mean by ‘burn damage’)?

Which enemies? How does this targeting work? How does it stun the enemies, are you talking debuffs or something like Time Warp? What do you mean, ‘deal multiple damage to enemies at an area’? And again, what projectiles are used?

No ‘injury’ debuff exists. Does Bleeding actually have an effect on enemies, considering all it does to players is stop them from regenerating, which enemies can’t do? What projectiles? And what enemy does it target, do the spikes appear in front of the player? What if the player isn’t near the ground? Or does it automatically target and summon the projectiles underneath nearby enemies, in which case, what’s the range like?

I’m unsure if this would have any actual effect, but it once more depends on projectiles used.

I don’t think you can take away enemies’ contact damage. What do you mean by ‘or at an area’?

This seems like a terrible idea for a limitation. What counts as a ‘mage class’? How does the ability know? Plus, this is just an arbitrary restriction that makes the ability literally unusable on several maps, impossible to combo with other classes for interesting synergies, so on and so forth.


idea not good then


I’m not saying it isn’t good, I’m pointing out parts I dislike and I’m asking you questions for clarification.


So the fire spell cast a fire projectile, after hitting the enemy deals an explosion which causes burn, after the explosion, leaves a trail of fire for few second. fire spell firing a projectile with a aoe damage aftereffects.


mystic libraby would be anice fit for the ability.


So what projectiles are fired by the fire spell, and how would it leave a trail of fire (molotov cocktail projectiles?)?


the lightning deal first few lightning strikes, and has a chancee to create few delay damages that is a weaker version of the first few lightning strikes smaller version of the lightning strikes then can only occur once every cast


that would be a nice example


Right, but what projectiles would it use? And how many initial strikes are we talking here? Would the number of initial strikes increase with level? How about the delayed strikes?


the delay damage will have a limit of strikes, aswell as the first few strikes of lightning, and damage will the one increasing in late game, i mistaken the weak debuff for injury sorry
didn’t think that replying is limited, didn’t know that, imma focused on replying using this then by editing this reply,
the ice spell creates or making the area which is the surrounding of the character cold, slowing the enemy to a point where the enemy freezes and takes damage,
change the way that this ability is only exclusive to the mage to accessible after picking this ability, so the requirements to access this ability is to survive 16 rounds/wave in the mystic library
so the lightning skill/spell works well with flying/floating enemies while the ground attack spell works well with enemies that on the ground
@NateTheGameK i would like some ideas.
i was thinking that the aim or the cursor to be the one positioning the skill on what area to cast the skill.


I like the idea, but it could need a few touchups to make it useable on most maps.
I’m gonna keep my vote back until I see this ability being viable and the specifics worked out, but it’s a great idea. Would you like some ideas @reicronos?