N word by Speed run

Character Name of Offender
Speed run

Dimension(s) of offences

Rule(s) broken
S1#4 Racism

Evidence of offence(s)

Approximate date & time of offence in UTC
Mar 24 2022, 1 PM UTC

Currently online


I think they are trying to say “Who keeps naming the trash can ‘n word here’”

they were kinda stupid to legit say it, but they weren’t trying to say it.


If they had read the rules they would certainly not have written that, even if they were just trying to explain what had happened.


where are you supposed to see the rules if you aren’t part of forums though…?
i know /rules exists, but nobody honestly uses it or even knows it exists


I am indeed stupid


Yeah not gonna lie it would be a little more helpful if this link showed upon joining the server.

There’s the link to the forums when you look up the IP for DG, however it really isn’t in plain sight. You would have to do some digging, which the average guest honestly would never do. You make a good point Nate.


oh they are liable even if they didnt know… how does that make sense tho? if people don’t know they should be banned for a certain offense, then its not exactly fair to ban them for it without much of a warning. I can see how it would be hard to warn godmoders in zombies or rulebreakers who don’t speak english, though.

but yeah, maybe put the rules as part of the entering server text? or maybe broadcast them every once in a while in both russian and english cuz we should account for people who cant speak english.

im tempted to suggest this, but im pretty sure somebody’s asked for this previously, and its probably going to be archived as a duplicate.

by the way, i think this is the first time a moderator has ever agreed with me… feels good ngl

come to think of it, i should probably discuss this elsewhere…


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