My little brother was using cheats so im making a unbann appeal

Q2)I let my little brother play terraria on my pc and he has access to everything on it and i have a cheat app for SINGLEPLAYER use and he has used it on the server.
3)I do think the ban was fair but at the time i did not know he was cheating as i wasn’t watching.
4)I want a second chance to play as i don’t think it was my fault that he was cheating, if i am to be unbanned, i will restrict his access to things like that on my pc and supervise when letting him play.

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You need to follow the format. Fill out the exact ban appeal format (which can be found by opening a new draft for a topic in the Ban Appeals category) to the best of your abilities. It must be followed for the appeal to be valid.
Do not post a new appeal; edit your existing one. Post a reply here once you have made the corrections.


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