My experience with the service

So I just want to post my experience about the quality of service in this server.
Please take note I’m posting this to give suggestion and probably help them improve.
I like this server, I also brought my cousin in this server to play with me.
after a few days, I’ve decided to give support to this server by donating. After donating, I never received my credits for a few mins so I tried again to check if it really has some issues. Some other players told me to contact an admin because it should appear in the Trading System website. I decided to contact Avery in discord and told me to contact Popstarfreas. Avery told me that pinging Popstarfreas is the only thing he can do. So I tried to contact Popstarfreas in the forums and explained what happened, and it took him/her a day to reply. Popstarfreas told me that they have issues, and after a few messages he/she asked for my in-game name. After that nothing happens. It’s been 6-7 days since i’ve donated. I messaged again to follow up regarding the issue but I think it was disregarded. I felt like it’s not important to them…
so I suggest if you (Popstarfreas) can’t handle the load, hire more people you trust to fix this kind of issues.
Here is my question, where did my credits go? ( I posted proof in this forum, search for "
No credits from donation" in the forums) does it mean that you got the money and disregarded the issue? How long till you reply to my messages regarding the issues? its not just a message that says “hi” for you to ignore… I tried to be polite as I can but this is really frustrating.
I don’t want a refund, I don’t even need the credits because I already lost interest. You can keep it, but please improve the quality of service. It’s the worst.


I am not sure why this is a suggestion, but I understand and sympathize with your grievance. You should have gotten credits since you donated your money to the server. Reception has been a long-standing issue on this server.

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payment is pretty uneasy to solve since of the calculation how much you paid ( i guess? ) and especially when you are getting it on the digital world (yes this is NOT real life.) In other cases, you need to be careful with what you donate to, somtimes can be a fraud, data breach, etc.
Im not 100% sure since I only stayed since 2/1 months

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