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zombies trespasses walls, in distant windmill u get bug in the frog leg chest place and sometimes u got teleported to spawn randomly

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i dont have a screenshot or video but the zombie trespasses happens me with every no boss enemy in 1.4


what does this mean

If you mean they clip/teleport through walls, that’s just normal lag

Are you talking about if you get teleported with Coward or die without getting revived at the end of a round?


What Mado said about clipping. Also, one bug per report please


@MoonSteam pls do what Tejdxa said. This will help understanding and fixing bugs


u get bug with u come in the rock that supposelly fell near the frog leg chest u get here, u exit now ur vulnerable to zombies cuz u got teleported for this, and its not coward/die teleport its no ability/alive teleport lags u and or kick u or u got teleported to border of map


Do you mean you somehow hoik into the structure? I don’t really understand this


yeah and im trapped


OK, I like the distant windmill map, Ive played that a lot even if Im alone, got to round 13 even if im alone, so I know a pretty lot about it.

1.) First of all, these all happened because of your internet connection being pathetic.

A.)The zombies tresspassing walls? You meant how the zombies just moonwalks through walls? Its all because of your pathetic internet connection, like mine, nothing big of an issue, live with it because the zombies arent a threat at all once youre used to it. Happens all the time, probably

B.)That teleporting to spawn thing where you get teleported sometimes to the frog leg chest place and in spawn? I experienced that as well

When you get teleported to the frog chest place, specifically youre stuck between the HUGE ROCK and the Frog Chest place…All because of your internet connection

When you get teleported to spawn even after going down platforms and bought items you wanted…All because of your internet connection

2.) Secondly, this is all because of your pathetic internet connection. Speaking from experience

3.) Lastly, welcome to my club, the "Lagging Club"


oh wait I just realised this was a post from july…thought this was made earlier…welp effort wasted probably


Does this happen in normal lobbies? There was a bug where you could hoik into the default lobby-set map, but I didn’t realize you could do it normally

(e.g. you teleport somewhere instantly without any provocation that you haven’t been in recently, like if you teleport to the frog leg area without ever going there before)


Been seeing that most of the times. Not just me. But others as well. All players who had experienced that just comments in the chat like “WHAT THE-”.

Ok so ill share a few of my bug experience in some maps

When that happens in game there are 2 AFTERMATHS.

  1. When you get instantly teleported to between the frog leg area and the Huge Rock behind it, youre stuck. Then the zombies will just attack you till you die and lost points. Some players that experieced that either just furiously type /leave or complain and live with it.

  2. <This is from another map, forgot the name sorry> This is the map where you have this Class choice, after choosing it youll get the Brand of Inferno…You see, if you teleport multiple times back to spawn, and you keep pressing the Class Chest, youll have the BASE DAMAGE of the real Brand of Inferno weapon.

In that map, the Brand of Inferno has i think 7-10 damage? But in the other case, you get the Brand of Inferno with 85 damage as a start on Round 1.

Appparently you can also get that weapon damage if you let zombies in round 1 attack you in clusters, then just spam press the Class Chest then after some time youll get it.

Also there is also something about that map, I think the class name is Faith? Where you get the frog leg and the Meteor staff. However teleportation isnt the case here. If you let your allies die down in the lava, and while reviving them spam press the Faith Class chest then youll get the actual damage of the Meteor Staff of 50 damage at round 1.

Bugs and Glitches are pretty funny and convenient sometimes, and sometimes ruin the game.

HOWEVER!! That thing where you can get the actual weapon damage only has like…an estimate of 50/50 percent chance of getting it. Because sometimes yo overpress and miss it. So its kinda like a gacha game.

I have other weird bug experiences which are really funny, I know because I play a lot of Zombiemode and I have a bad internet…but ill share them some other time

Am i getting banned for exploit…please dont, i found those bugs accidentally…


Winter’s Howl?

This definitely sounds like a bug, you should report it if you get evidence


Probably, I dont really remember but probably it is indeed Winters Howl. I was really interested in that map because of its funny bug. Its not just me who have gotten the Brand of Inferno with 85 damage at Round 1, others as well but they didnt notice it was a bug and they bought the Horsemans Blade…Also the funny Meteors Staff

Ok ok, the Frog Chest thing happens 70 percent of the time anyway…However there is a problem Madofado…there is a problem…


what does this mean


You see…only you can see that bug happening…So if that happens to others, I cant get evidence

It only happens on your screen, but it seems you character on others screen is just on where it was before you get teleported to the Frog chest…

I can see them chatting in full caps like “WHAT, IM STUCK IN THE CHEST” or “HOW DID I DIE, I KEEP GETTING STUCK WTF IS THIS” but when I see their character theyre just standing, doing nothing but sometimes attacking or moving slightly.

The bug happened to me many times,also the teleporting back to spawn unintentionally, but havent happened to me lately…


But if it ever happens to me again I’ll make sure to make a Bug Report so it gets fixed