Multiple Accounts - megalovania and gigawatts

[1] megalovania, but his alt acc is gigawatts.
[2] They admitted to creating multiple accounts, which is a violation of the first segment of Section 7 of Dark Gaming Rules. Link to the web page is
"[i]Section 7 - Accounts

#1 Multiple Accounts
Multiple Accounts are forbidden. You are only permitted one account per person. Our experience only facilities a person having a single account. Therefore, further accounts will be deleted and violation of this rule after a warning (whether non-verbal or simply acknowledgement from the perpetrator that they know the accounts were closed) that they will result in the purge of all of your accounts as well as a Ban. [/i]

[3] It affected the community of the server in whole, as it took up an extra space of an account that could be used by someone else with the ssame name.
[4] The following images were took ingame, as Phase was unresponsive. I hope that what I have is enough for the higher staff team to work on.

[5] User group was member.
[6] Dimension that the accounts were accessed on under my observation was PvP.

EDIT - Player is still active with both accounts. I would appreciate it if a staff member could deal with this as soon as possible.

What a noob