Moderator Armor

My suggestion is that all moderator+ players should be able to wear dev. armor. That could give the moderators and admins more noticeability. And could also make the wishes of some moderators or admins to wear dev. armor come true.

I think isn’t a good idea, because :

-This server needs to be original, but it can’t be original with non-original thinks, like Dev. armor.
-All the servers doesn’t allow this armor.
Have a nice day !

The rule says that no one is allowed to wear dev. armor, we aren’t above the law.

Actually it was stated that you can get a permit to wear it(Moderators). Also, let’s stick with “rules” not “law”.

How could we know who is a mod and who is a hacker?

Mods would be well known?

Rule - Not to wear Dev Armor
Mods = Wears Dev armor = Rule Breaker = Ban

[quote=Ruffles]Actually it was stated that you can get a permit to wear it[/quote]Uh no; Don’t spread lies.

I saw it on an old thread as I was picking away at them. My assumption was correct.

Actually, I have to agree on Ruffles on this, Rofle.

You say there that Moderators and above can apply for a permit to use Red’s Wings in order to use its no-clip feature, as well as keybinding, amongst others.

I don’t know if you’ve changed your mind on this (though I can’t find anything saying so in any thread), but at the moment I think Ruffles is correct.

No you are both wrong. I never mentioned developer armor. A modified client can no clip and other such features without using dev armor.

D’ah, alright. I didn’t know you could no clip without them. Thank you for clearing it up.

[quote=Rofle]No you are both wrong[/quote][quote=My Maths teacher][Something] (Maths in that case) is not a democracy. You’re both wrong.[/quote]I had to remember this when you said that.

Just sayin’.
I thought that the players that want that armor should be able to wear them at moderator stage.
If they ever get there,of course.

As Punisher said, Moderators are not above the law.

I was learning abit of Infinest’s essentials, and it got some critical issue, named lag,
the lag is so hard that even I have used t. blades and some of the razorblade typhoons I was lagging
really hard that I have never experienced before and I was barely moving at all.

This would dilute the point of Moderator; just as you said, people will want Moderator in order to wear the armor.