Max server cap

the server has a low cap

id think it shoukd be around 145

The server doesn’t reach its maximum anyway.

Lol why is THIS suddenly a concern? The server has NEVER reached its cap before. At least not for the time i’ve been here.

Yea, how can you even tell what it is? Also, we set it to a specific number because if more than that many people were to join, the server would run unreasonably slow.

Tvolk, on the terraria server list it says the amount of players max and on at the moment.

Ah, I see. Still, the maxplayers is set to a reasonable number, and going over that would lag the server way too much.

the server was once full… but that was V2


I have only be denied due to Maximum Player Cap.
But I Do Prefer The Server When It Has A Low Player Count So That When I Start To Play I Dont Get 5-20FPS

What do you mean ‘-1’? That doesn’t mean anything in this situation.