March break

Ill be going to daytona bike week so ill be gone starting tomorrow bai

ah lucky, have a good time.


Hope you have a good time!

This suckkkkks everything down here sucksssssss only Gud thing is the shamrock shakes at McDonald’s

ahh… sorry.

Damn sorry man :confused:

Glad your enjoying yourself Bvery :stuck_out_tongue:

I know rly best place ever 1 bar of Internet… Sketchy street noisey highway roadthing… People trying to run u over on the beach… Wing house always fun of bikers so u can’t get a spot… The ad plane flying over u every 10 mins liveing by a airport…care to vist guys? But then again I’m spending time with my family so it’s all gud

:confused: well just go somewhere fun that’s close by!

im on my way xD