Make Likes Infinite For Regulars

@GlasiaVD23, @Solysis, @twofoursixeight, @InjectuousPotato, myself, and many others would love to see this. With the recent influx in posts, us likers have struggled to keep up with the too-fast conveyor belt of posts. It’s like using chompers during the final wave of a PvZ level- you can do it too little, too slow, and the cooldown is absurd. There’s absolutely no harm in giving those who are worthy infinite likes, as currently it’s restricted to moderators, and the majority of the staff team don’t even tend to be the type of people to like every post anyway (if that’s somehow offensive, I’m sorry…?), so it honestly makes no sense. It’s like giving a bunch of vegetarians the world’s stockpile of meat, while everybody else has rationed vegetables.

Please give regulars infinite likes. We would, quite frankly, love it.

I like this idea


Double the liking rate to 100 for TL1 users so that TL2 users get 150 likes, TL3 get 200, and TL4 gets 300 likes per day.


id like it, but problem is, liking posts is meant to be saved, and not something you do to all posts. i want this to be accepted but im not sure if it will