Login Failed

I wanted to play survival so i registered on the ingame server when i did /login it said Login Failed i tried to go to build it said “No Account a user account by that name does not exist” Pls Help. Im On Android Mobile

This might be beside the point, however, survival isn’t mobile compatible.

Currently, the only servers that are compatible with mobile are: items, rift, and zombies. Besides that, I think your login failed because you had rep mode on. To briefly explain it, you have to wait about an hour before you can login into your already registered account. If that is not the case, you might of typed your password incorrectly; and, if you have any spaces in your password, put quotation marks around your password ( ex: /login “this is my password”). Also, be sure you had no issues registering, for someone might of already made an account with the name you chose. If your account name is already taken, simply make another character of a different name and try registering and logging-in with that character.