Locked Vanity and Dyes for Survival

Just a small suggestion, and I don’t know if it is at all possible, but it would be enjoyable to be able to come into survival with whatever vanity and dyes we wanted, and lock those slots so they cant be messed with inside of survival, and could be changed outside of it. I believe this would have little to no impact on actual gameplay because from my experience, no one really trades or sells vanity items or sells or trades dyes.

On another note it would be pretty cool to look and enjoy at all the different vanities while not being limited by the game’s RNG and progression. ex. being me trying to farm for a Lamia tail for an hour for some vanity or waiting for post Pumpkin Moon for cat ears. I think it would be a nice QoL improvement to also spice up survival too.

If this isn’t possible at all that’s fine, just thought I’d throw this fun idea out because I may be one of the few, but farming vanity each reset is tedious.

Some people’s main aim in survival is to achieve this vanity, which would mean that this suggestion basically makes survival pointless for them. But choosing whether or not you have the vanity could work.


I disagree with this suggestion. The impetus of Survival is progression and the process of obtaining new resources/items to do this. Although one can consider vanities and dyes an unimportant in comparison to what I just mentioned, I think it is very much related to the integrity of the survival experience. Other than this, I understand that getting some items to create a vanity seems difficult - especially the collection of some dyes or biome/event specific vanities. However, when somebody obtains something without putting any effort into it, we would consider this “cheating.” Even when somebody gives out these vanity articles or trades them for a low price, some amount of “effort” is put into obtaining the vanity.


I would like to say I’ve been playing for the past month, and because farming for specific vanities is so tedious and time consuming, that no one besides me and maybe one or two people care about vanities, and we don’t really feel like its some achievement, and the “effort” put into getting them is just wasted time. Your average player doesn’t really give 2 shits about vanity, and its hardly integral to the survival experience. Again getting vanity isn’t difficult, it’s just a long wait, to the point where I’ve had to simplify my vanity because there’s no way to stay sane and farm certain vanity every reset to the point where it doesn’t feel good when it drops anymore.

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Then make that long wait. With people like Legolas in Survival, it progresses so quickly if you’re active that it’s just something else to do that reset, especially if it’s not difficult.

I guess that same feeling hasn’t caught up to you yet in the general Survival grind? At both of their cores, both activities in Survival are very similar. In both cases, you’re doing… something. One is functional for the remainder of that reset. The other is just appearance for the remainder of that reset.

Either way, it’s all temporary, and going back to the point when I brought up the people who rush; Survival progresses fast. I’d know for certain because, for the one reset I played, I quickly had most of everything I needed in the first 3 days, and I wasn’t even playing more than 8 hours a day. It quickly came down to just making my setup perfect down to the 1% extra on accessory modifiers, helping others, or getting some vanity for myself so I could feel better when doing the other things. I see no reason why the work part should be cut out of an activity (Survival) that’s overall so temporary.


There is 0 reason to be against this, especially if you don’t play survival at all, which I have not seen you at all do, there are 3 to 4 people that play and progress, and the rest being carried through, none of these people actually care or find achievement in getting vanities every reset. Most players who ACTUALLY play Survival would find a lot of enjoyment being able to wear their favorite dev sets or other vanities right from the start.

I stand by the fact that this would have 0 impact on the actual survival experience other than the random new player asking, “How did you get that we’re not even that far yet” or something like that. If any of the actual survival players I played with had anything to input here, they would agree with everything I’ve said here.


What a nice coincidence, because the one reset I played, I don’t recall seeing you, either. I played at most seven hours a day on every day except the Friday that the reset was scheduled to happen.

Then leave vanity as a side option. Leave it as an option to work towards, as it is Survival, after all. The basic game with a few small tweaks and quality of life changes.