[Locked] Im Banned On Dec 9

Hm But u Think im a banned now i will destroy u now server this is my last change to die Im [Dying] (The Poisnous) be A Go TO hell now Im Going to Colins Fun Server huh last change to kick Huh

                                                                                             Evil Mode

===========================================================================================================================Popstarfeas Plz do unbanned me or not ? huh

Have Fun Go To Hell Now!!!

I kept asking you whats the problem ffs,
Did you grief the spawn too?
Telling us go to hell isnt really on your favor.
you dont want to play here so dont play.

im not a griefer punisher to spawn i grief on sandbox on dec 8 and dec 9 will get me bann

Moon, if you want to get unbanned you better show some respect. If you don’t want to play on Dark-Gaming anymore, please leave. If you want to stay, please respect the staff members and make a proper ban appeal.

got it dragon slayer tell popstarfeas to unbann please im respectful :frowning:

if bann me last time i will play need for speed world like website
https://world.needforspeed.com <---- dont click it its mine >:(

NFS World isn’t threatening us and used to play it for 2 years (its a piece of you know what).
You aren’t respecting anyone, learn abit of what respect means (Dictionary or whatever)
and then ask people for favors.