List of Bugs 2 fix :]

In all games, there are bugs. Stuff that is not intended in the game’s code, but happens anyway. There are different types of bugs. Bugs that can be used to change graphics, bugs that can be used to exploit, and bugs that are flat out stupid and annoying. (But seriously, some bugs tho)
Here’s a list of bugs to fix because they can get people banned, unintentionally end games, and make players overpowered.

  1. In survival, if your connection is bad, and you want to duplicate an item, you can just go to another dimension while holding that item, and chances are, it will duplicate.

  2. Also in survival, if your connection is bad and you join survival, there’s a chance that the game will not revert you to your survival character, therefore keeping your overpowered stuff that your not supposed to have.

  3. (You don’t have to fix this, I just wanted it on here because it’s super fun) In zombies, if your playing on mobile and your connection is bad, your character appearance might glitch. You won’t be able to see it on your screen, but on other screens, your head is floating.

  4. Also in zombies, sometimes your connection to the server can not work right, and even if someone killed a zombie, that zombie will make an alternate world in your screen, where it still exists. These are called Ghost Zombies. This is why you see people taking damage for ABSOLUTELY no reason at all. This can also be really annoying in hardcore, where you’ll appear to just die for no reason. Players in game can stop them by shooting them, and it is stopped when a new part of the round starts.

  5. Also also in zombies, if you have too many sentries and try to move a sentry, that sentry will break the game. What I mean by that is that the sentries are still killing off the mobs, but since there’s so much sentries it overloads the system and an alternate universe is created on your screen, where sentries can’t shoot, and tons of Ghost Zombies are created. And then you die. Players in game can fix this by placing down the moved sentry.

  6. In PVE, the destroyer doesn’t summon. (Nvm fixed 1 day after I posted this)

  7. Also in PVE, you can summon duke fishron and go to the moon lord arena, and if you die all the duke fishrons will go to the moon lord arena. This is not a bug, but just simply a boss arena problem, yet it can be annoying when your single handedly fighting of moon lord.

  8. (Not really a bug) Also also in PVE, some arenas straight up just don’t work, yet there’s still warps to go to them.

  9. In zombies, if you’ve gotten to round round 21 on map, then die, the moon lord summoned on round 20 will still be in the lobby. If you want to start a new game, the moon lord will immediately kill you. The only way to stop this right now is for everybody to go back to gamemodes and create a new lobby, which is such a hassle.

  10. On mobile clients in survival, you can’t pick up items.


We have a place dedicated to tracking each reported bug. It would be useful to add anything you’ve found that isn’t there yet.

Edit: you should now use #bug-reports and leave GitHub for staff.


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