Lilian's 'Lil' Challenge'- Prototype

Hello everyone,

A few of you know, as I’ve been showing you, of my challenge hall that I’m building. I have a working prototype- this is not the finished version, and there will be more added. However, I’m going to hold a contest. You may perform one official run per day, for the next 7 days- this will end on December 17th, at midnight, EST. I must be online and watching you during this run. The person who completes the prototype course with the shortest time in the week will win 10.00 credits given by myself. Good luck!

Basically this is a trial version of what’ll seem like a Gauntlet on drugs. The person with the shortest time in a week wins $10 worth of credits from me.

how i do join on this server i been kick :frowning:

I’ll give it a shot, with given permission of course, Lily.

Once ya come online, sure. There’s even a rainbow rod maze :smiley:

Was that the thing that you were building when I was on?

Idunno. It’s possible. xD

Me gusta… Well I hope the finished project is gonna be good! :smiley:

v0.73 is ready for people to try out, fastest time in the next week gets 10.00 credits x3

Where is It?

If you want to try it out, I’ll let you tp to me when you’re online