"KTB" using Life hacks


KTB was using a hack that prevents the player from dying. Eventually, after we all ganged up on him, his life bar was at zero for like three minutes and it was not lag, because he started healing after a while.

What they were doing that was against the rules:
It is against the rules to hack to constantly win in PVP. It ruins another player’s experience.

What I was doing when this happened:
I was in the PVP lobby, playing against other players.

Who this affected:
This affected me as well as the other “pvpers”


User Group:
Possibly Member now they; KTB was a guest at the time and talked about registering.

List of Witnesses:

You mean his life slowly went up 1 by 1 or he healed using a pot? When it heals 1 by 1 its a client side thing, which means regardless of whether they’re lagging it will happen. It’s part of how the game doesn’t have to sync stuff every second and so your client and others will, as part of the game, start making it look like the person is healing and so are not lagging (which is false).

Please use /check kills KTB in the server and check if he has any deaths.
If he has no deaths but has a lot of kills (Ex.70 or so)
There’s more chance to know that he’s hacking.

KTB was healing without any potions. After like five seconds from when we attacked him his health went up by 1… 2… 3… and so on.

Of which means that it’s an indication he was lagging.

You should have mentioned that earlier lol

But he was moving and attacking after he healed like five health points and kept going down to zero when we countered.

Did he die at least once?

He did not die at least when I was on and that was for about an hour.

Moving and Attacking are just the same as me sending a message and having a delay of 5 seconds. Just because you see it doesn’t mean it wasn’t sent to the server a while ago. Unless the projectiles he was shooting actually hit someone and did damage, then there’s no way you can say he wasn’t lagging, even if people took damage, they have to take damage when the projectiles hit.

He hit me and Zoro with his Terra beam which was quite effective. Then we hit him again and he went back to zero and started to attack again.

Are you saying he was using the TerraBlade and one of his TerraBeams hit you and you then took damage or he was spamming the Terra Blade and you took damage at some point?

I saw him online too. At some times my attacks wouldn’t hurt him, but he wouldn’t attack back. I killed him several times. I think it was a matter of lag.

I must have not been there I guess when that happened. Well, sorry for wasting your time Popstarfreas. If he was not hacking,then there is no reason to punish him. Before anybody else contradicts my last posts, I am saying that I now agree that I was wrong. Have a nice day everyone.