Kingdom of the Precursors - Theme

So while I wait for the internet to arrive, I use the resources available to keep myself occupied. Apart from drafting up the Leveling, Trading and Aunctioning System, I’ve been playing games and composing.

Alas, I made a short “part 1” of Kingdom of the Precursors Theme; Kingdom of the Precursors is my “Clan”. Tell me what you think apart from how awesome my clan is to have a theme song :wink:
I uploaded it to a site called picsong, the link is here : It is a little out of time but thats because I’m not finished it yet.

Updated Version:
Updated Version 2:
Violin Version:
A Precursors Death:

Ok yes your clan is amazingly awesome. xD But shouldn’t it be Count Rofle? XD

Yeah, I edited it now :stuck_out_tongue:

“We shall triumph over every clan, even if they are greater than us”- Rainbow Legion

“Does another Clan have a theme song? Didn’t think so.” - Count Rofle, Lord of the Corrupt, First Vassal of the Kingdom of the Precursors

“I am potate.” - Tip

“We will gain what our enemies have, and turn it against them”-Rainbow Legion; Theme Song

“Sorry for derailing Count Rofle, @Chenaley that is a pretty lame theme song. :l” - Tip

That theme song is held by another Vassal of another realm; treason at the highest order! These are false claims to power!

You were talking to Chenaley right :P? It’s hard to tell if its a “reply” to the thread, or a reply to the “post”. #replyrevolutionsoon

And no, I didn’t steal it. They are letting us borrow it! >:D Tip was talking about mine sadly, but we shall win with that song playing in the backround!! WAR it is!! “Our power is so great, not even the great Counte Rofl can stop us”-Rainbow Legion

@Rofl, I’ve edited my comment nao. c: I’m messing around with sound editors and kinda trying to make a theme song. xDD

Haha. If I could download that last 26 GB of sound samples I’d have a full-realistic sounding orchestra to play with :wink: It’s so fun even if its so terrible to others.

Oh and also we need a name for the land of which the Clans/Guilds/Factions fight for the right to rule as the dominant Clan/Guild/Faction. The world is “The Ultimate World V4” which isn’t quite there for a name.

jebus land

Yeah you would love that wouldn’t you…

Yeah we do need a better name… xD Something to do with Count Rofle and then the word demesne? I don’t know really, just kinda stabbing in the dark.

Would be nice to have more than one idea :stuck_out_tongue:
I also updated the OP with a better version of the theme (still not complete)

How about… Potatoland? :3

I added the violin version to OP :wink:

Ok I think the best one is probably the violin version, but that’s just my opinion. xD
Also do you still need a name for the world?