Jesterguy's Ban Appeal

[Q1] Ban Link:
[Q2] Did I break the rules knowingly?
No. In fact, I probably wasn’t online myself at the time. I’m not sure if this is just affects my IP (I haven’t really tested yet but I’ll be assuming that it’s an IP ban) or not but judging from what time is, I’m going to assume that it’s my time zone which is NZT and say that I was asleep from the time, I don’t know. Also I was able to go online using this username specifically and still come on the server after that date.
[Q3] Do I think that the ban was fair?
No. Of course not. I have a feeling that someone just decided to use my IP and get me banned because… sample text? I don’t know it’s just an assumption.
[Q4] Why should you unban me?
Because I tend to be a very calm person and a very nice one. Me hacking doesn’t really sound like something I would knowingly do with the exception of me using tShock to spawn myself items. Not to mention that again, I was able to come here with the same username but I’m not sure if I was at my dad’s house or mum’s. Also I didn’t really come here often so I doubt that I did such a thing and it’s nice to come here time to time. Also I’m fairly helpful here like how when you couldn’t really see the world early in the 1.3 updates I told people to use the ice rod everywhere so they could see land on this server. Also I remember sometime during 2015, maybe during May but I don’t remember getting a killstreak over 150. I recently just found out about the ban and was very confused on how this could’ve happened.