Jeb_'s Ban appeal(dfasgold)

Chenaley’s foreword:
First of all, I shall state that he said it was his brother that was on the site when he got himself banned. You may not believe that, but just think if it was, you would have banned an innocent man. This is why I am posting it for him. He sent me the thread through steam, so I can post it.

He was begging me to be unbanned, and he sounds very sincere about it. I say unban for the website for a last chance. And Rofl, if you are reading this, contact me through steam for more detail. You will understand why I am doing this. Here it is:

[1] Why were you banned? I was grieving, I am very sorry, dark gaming.
[2] When were you banned? While rebuilding my house.
[3] How long have you been banned? 6 days.
[4] Where were you when you was banned? At my house.
[5] Who banned you? If you do not remember their name, then what was their staff rank? I was banned by Legoman.
[6] Do you think your ban was unfair? If so, why? I don’t think it was unfair, I should have been banned, for my mistake.
[7] Why should we unban you? I think I could try again and lift my threats I put on people."

I’ve said this to every single person; your actions are not judged as a person but as an account. You are no more to me than an ID and a name. If someone else uses the account, it doesn’t matter, because its still the account doing the wrong doing. I ban the account for the actions taken by it. I do not ban people. That account is undeniably guilty. What is more, he also griefed on the server. If more than one person can and has used that account, they will likely do it again.

Could we have a staff vote at all? I have screenshots of proof you might like to see. I will send through steam.

In my past experience with being an admin and a server owner, I completely understand where this is coming from rofl.
People got to understand that their account is their responsibility and that they must take responsibility for what it has done. So what if it was someone else was on his account that’s his problem due to the fact that they failed his responsibility for taking care of his account.

Just changed the OP a little bit… ahem.
Now dfasgold can discuss this appeal.

Hello again, Anything else?

Explain yourself to them.


Can I have a format, I am terrible at making good formats for stuff.

Chen, can you send me a format on steam?

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First i know some things about you from the past. We have met before but thats for a more private conversation. The ban appeal is OK in the sense that you admitted to your wrong doing but i believe that this appeal has more to do with rofl and you. Becuase i knew you from the past then i would vote this to be accepted but im gonna let rofl sort this out.

Well I have not known this person in the past but I do agree with Rofl.
Also, I’d like to know, Dfasgold, why you posted that report on me? And why did you create that dialogue when you had no proof? I don’t mean to offend anyone, so sorry if somehow I am, I’d just like to know why he said and did all of that stuff.
Good luck with your ban appeal.

Donuts, How about you tell that to my brother,

Maybe you should try dealing with him for a week.

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Do as I say with that.

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