Item Deleting Plugin

I have heard about it from other servers and I heard it reduces lag I think it would be very useful

Ever since I have had the permission I have used /clear item quite a lot and do it quiet regularly. But if there is a plugin ill investigate becuase it seems sound be useful, however negative at the same time of you we’re trying to throw an item to someone without using /give or /I.

You know you can make it where trash cans auto reset once an item is put into them. Just like what was done with the chests in shop Only the trash can would be empty and resets when an item is placed in them.

But the items are going to be dropped from mobs and when that happens, often people just leave the loot/trash behind and that creates some of the lag!

Oh ok. But what if an item is dropped accsidently. And the person gets mad because the item was deleted

Then they can spawn a new one! Or ask someone to give them one