Issues with joining for the first time

So i went to join the server for the first time, and it kept telling me rep mode is enabled, play on the server more.
i thought that was fine, i can always play silently for a while, but then its also telling me i need to login to access any of the places. so i attempt to reigster on the server.

When i tried registering, it said at first my name was already taken, so i changed it to a name that isnt taken and tried again, it then asked me for a password so i did /reigster and put the password i want in the same message as that. and when i hit enter to register, it told me once again “Rep mode is enabled, Play on the server more”

I have no idea what to do, i cant reigster as it keeps telling me i cant due to rep, i cant go anywhere on the server due to it all being locked off to people that can log in, and i cant even talk due to the rep system…

Please help, idk what to do.

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I don’t recall anything except Survival being blocked off to unregistered players, so I’m going to start by asking these two questions: what version are you playing on and what’s your character difficulty?

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the problem is that its not letting me register, it says i need to play long enough to gain rep before im able to talk, which is preventing me from registering on the server

the version im using is and my character difficulty is Classic

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That’s… definitely an issue I’ve never seen, since unregistered players are supposed to be able to go everywhere except for Survival.

Contact the staff for support in the staff group or in the Dark Gaming Discord. Or hope that someone greater in knowledge in this part of the server can provide help, I’m sorry that I couldn’t.


Its ok, thank you anyways for trying to help me


My problem has been solved, turns out the pve area of the server doesnt count torwards the rep system

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