Is crafting colored titles and tags possible?

I’ve been wondering whether you can craft titles and tags with their own colors or not.

The titles that already have their own colors (like the Christmas event titles) use the colored chat thing like [c/FF0000:Example].

Does crafting tags and titles using the colored chat command work?

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You cannot craft tags or titles with colors [c/FF0000:red text], glyphs [g:0], achievements [a:NO_HOBO], or items [i/p54:1].

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Alright, but glyphs and such work with /setname, right?

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Here are the Cmds regarding your name:

  • Color Name allows you to use Color Tags in your name
  • Item Name allows you to use Item Tags in your name
  • Tag Name allows you to use any Tag in your name
  • /selfname allows you to rename yourself

/selfname needs to be obtained in order to use the three other Cmds.

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