Increase the DP Multiplier for Players Who Have Over 5,000 DP

Currently, a multiplier based on this function is applied when one has over 5,000 DP:

\text{Multiplier(Bank)}=\frac {5000}{Bank \times 10}

This means if you have over 5,000 DP, your DP multiplier is 10% or less depending on how much DP you have. In other words, the player earns 90% less DP when they have 5000 DP, and they earn less and less the richer they become.

I believe this measure is too drastic, so in place of it, I propose a new function where the factor of 10 is decreased:

\text{Multiplier(Bank)}=\frac {5000}{Bank \times 5}

In this case, the DP multiplier is 20% or less when the player has over 5,000 DP.

The current function used to calculate the DP multiplier is represented by the red line, while my proposed function is represented by the blue line. The point on the red line represents Cloaked Figure, the richest user in the DTP.

What’s the point of even having a DP multiplier in the first place


It creates a DP ceiling so that it becomes harder and harder to get more DP the richer you become. This prevents players from getting richer and richer and accumulating all the DP in circulation.


Isn’t there already a cap of 20,000?


A “cap” refers to a DP ceiling in which it becomes difficult to earn more DP. Right now, 20,000 isn’t the cap; 10,000 is the cap, since it’s extremely difficult to earn DP with that much DP in the bank.

Back then in the day, there was a similar equation to the one I listed above, and it was more lenient. In other words, it was easier for players to get 20,000 DP or more than it is now.

This DP ceiling was too low, and the economy stagnated since almost all of the DP in circulation was gobbled-up. Rofle was either going to add more DP into the economy and cause inflation or totally overhaul the economy and extract DP from everyone’s banks to restart the economy anew. He did the latter.