Increase DP Drain for the Wealthy

These players have been inactive for many months, but are still the wealthiest in the DTP. DP draining has barely affected them.

To return the stagnant DP back to circulation. . .
  • drastically increase the DP drain for the wealthy.
  • implement a new system in which the DP Drain becomes more taxing the longer one is inactive.

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Tbh this just sounds really annoying if you’re trying to save up for something. Is DP not being “circulated” a problem?


I vote for this, should make a poll


As of now, it isn’t. 497,675 DP is in rotation while the total held by users is 274,540 DP. However, more and more players are getting rich, and once you have a substantial amount of DP, you’re essentially guaranteed to have that much even after a year of inactivity. If this continues, the economy will eventually stagnate, and this has happened before.

The former suggestion wouldn’t affect you if you’re not wealthy, and if this was implemented, you’d be forced to be more active on the server if you were rich. Meanwhile, the latter suggestion only affects you if you’re inactive, and also forces you to be more active.

I’d rather force players to be active than have them to be inactive for a year and still have the same amount of DP. At that point, it is no longer a matter of “saving up for something.”


So I assume it wouldn’t be as extreme as what I thought.


Over time, it will get more extreme.


This is probably too extreme and i dont know if percents are a good idea but what do people think of this…

If inactive time is under a day or the equation outputs a lower value than a constant, the value will be a constant 0.5-1% each day

if thats not the case, it would be d% = (x/40)*(1.003(x)), capping out at a merciless 10% per day.


Let’s put this in perspective then:

Bank 0.5% 1% 5% 10%
10,000 50 100 500 1,000
5,000 25 50 250 500
2,000 10 20 100 200
1,000 5 10 50 100
500 2.5 5 25 50

Thanks for the clarification, I understand what your formula entails now. That aside, wouldn’t it make more sense to display variable d as a decimal if it represents a percent?

On an unrelated note. . .

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oh shoot it probably still applies but i forgot to specify the important fact that x is supposed to mean days
x = days and d% is equal to drain percent per day. If you were offline for 200 days and somehow still had 10k left after all that draining, 200 days is around 9% so 9% would be drained, meaning you would have 9.1k the next day.