[In Progress] The Hell Palace

#1: 5168,2227
#2:ne0n(thats me)
#5: I do not permit someone else to take over ownership of my map and for it to be processed and setup without me if I am inactive.

[In Progress] and [Completed] prefixes in thread titles are set by Rofle/popstarfreas to note the progress of the map. [In Progress] means the map is in the zombies world where it can be setup, while [Completed] as its name goes, means the map is complete and in the public map pool for zombies. You don’t add these yourself.

And on the map
You appear to be missing some obsidian brick walls

Furnitures that give buffs on right click cannot be used in zombies (the buffs will instantly disable you for prevention of buff hacks/exploits)
Celestial pillar monoliths cannot be toggled or used in a zombies lobby. They must be activated/deactivated when editing the map.
Are you keeping the two trapdoors and two stone slab tiles at the bottom right of the map?

Are you not including any accessory or potions chests
Only one armor chest is needed (items sold by chests change by class)
What prices are you putting on your mana and hp chests (if the chests at the top right are indeed such)

Hello,i have editted the doc and setted the mana/health chests prices.However i dont want to add the accessory or/and potion chests.

Those aren’t needed. Just a suggestion.
Prices for up and Mana are usually in the thousands, not hundreds; they seem low. Players will be able to gain quite a bit of mp and up fairly quickly. 100hp would be worth 4k points, 10k pts for +1khp.

Hello,sorry for very long time not answering.I did editted the costs. How can i make rofle notice this thread,and if its not fine at somewhere,can you say where? Thanks!

In the submissions guidelines thread:

[quote=popstarfreas]Please Note

  • Chests are overridden as normal chests at this time
  • You can change your map and its classes/items after it is moved
  • You will have to add all the classes and items yourself
  • Sign contents don’t carry over, you’ll need to re-edit them
    - You’ll need to be online for your submission to move forward. If I (Rofle) am on Phase, send: @Rofle map submission (name). Don’t spam this message, but it will let me know you are online.[/quote]
    If your password doesn’t work on phase, dm an @Admin on the server discord that you need it reset. Keep in mind they are all very busy and may take a while to do so. Rofle may be online in your time around the late afternoon. When using @Rofle, I suggest using General Chat or Phase Global discussions, as in Terraria chat it may be quickly buried.