IMPORTANT: Report-MageOfA***Return

I’m not following the report form for this player. He was already banned- However, he has just returned. He used the name MageOfAReturn, now he is MageOfA. He first told me that he used an IP hider to get around the ban. He then said that if we banned him again, he would DDOS attack the server. He is using all caps, asking people if they want him to hack for them, making threats to the server, using a vulgar name, and avoiding the bans. I’m not sure what we do about IP hiders.

EDIT: I have pictures of his comments about IP masking and DDOS if they are needed.

It would help if you didn’t censor his name. I think I got it though.

DDOS attacks working if it is a team-work as I know,
and Im not sure that he will do something great as popstar also knows stuff.
Everyone can threat but not everyone can work with the needed tools.
I see on ban no. 267 that he is now banned.
Is it a valid one?

Punisher that message cause about half my brain cells to die attempting to read that

If you have the right tools, a DoS attack or a DDoS attack will be a lot easier to counter.