Important questions about zombie mode

Once again, hello everyone!

It’s been a while since I first met this server and I noticed a lot of things.
In this post I will list the issues that worry me, namely the zombie survival.

I have a lot of theories in my head and therefore I want to know the truth.
The reasons can be many, but: why for a long time there are no updates? where are the new maps and variety? and why are still characters running around in New Year costumes? this is strange…
It looks like this game was abandoned.

I will wait for answers in this post, thanks for attention.

At this time, the only person who maintains these things is me. Zombies has issues of instability that must be worked on before new content. However, these issues are not simple and take time to fix. For now other things in the server are being worked on.

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It looks like there used to be a team that worked on the zombie regime and for some reason abandoned it, but in the end it was only you. If it is really so then it’s sad…

Some people used to build some of the arenas and they would be allowed to add them into the map pool, but that’s as far as it went in terms of a team.

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Or I do not understand something, but it does not answer the main question. Are there people who can build maps or program, except for you?

Anyone can build a map and after being given permissions, set it up for the public map pool, but currently no one is available to help do the programming side.

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It is clear, thanks for clarifying the overall situation.