I'm back, kinda...

Sorry, for anyone who noticed, for having more or less suddenly disappeared from the game and forum, but I’m back on the forum, and when some holidays come and I have more patience to deal with 20 fps I’ll come back to the game.
Some people (namely ZzUltimatezZ, idk if anyone else did) may have noticed I started playing some other games instead of Terraria, and at the beginning of this month (January 2015, for the people in the future to know) I was practically only around in the forum. But then problems happened, one thing let to another, and my mother took away the modem, which means no internet at all, for 2 weeks or so. And now I’m here, writing this, with my internet back, hoping my new idea of using ReadyBoost actually keeps the browser open while playing games without crashing either, and other things I’ve been doing while I was pulled away.

Let me beat your level first! :stuck_out_tongue: