I’ve tried everything

I have tried everything thing I can find on this website to get the server running and only a few of them work.please note that I’m on mobile, and on version I tried the port 7776 it worked at first but then right before it finished loading it said my name was to short(min of 2 chars).i then tried changing my name to both a long name and a short name but neither worked.then I tried the port 7779 and that one was the only one that worked and it brought me to the zombies dimension.but sometimes when I spawned in, the effects webbed and stoned for a solid 2 minutes.then lastly I tried port 7778 ,but when that one loaded in, all it said was LegacyMultiplayer.4.Is there anything else that I’m missing?


Rift is down, which means you have to connect to another dimension. The problem is, those other dimensions don’t support anything below

Also the stoned/webbed effect is completely normal. Has something to do with compatibility issues d:

You should try connecting to 7779 to connect to zombies, then type /items. Only way to be unstoned is to wait it out

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Thank you.it worked, all I have to do Now is wait a few minutes once I get to the items dimension