I should of made this a long time ago

Well My ign is GamRedos.
I have played terraria since 1.1 update…
so I should of got right onto the server but I didnt hear about it until 2013 so I got on and played for guest to crew
I have never used cheats and BTW I really should of made this long ago…

Stay cool
sincerely GamRedos

Is this suppose to be a introduction thread? If not, what?

Well, let’s make it an intro thread,

My ign is either TheInfestr or Kovac,
I’ve played since it came out, I only got steam working on my laptop about 3-4 months ago, and I’ve played on this server a lot,
And I’ve used build mode to get my ova health once, until I was informed that it’s against the rules, so I’ve never had build mode or heal in my special slots since that when I pvp,