i have screenshot proof unban

get rid of this thread plz

Per the Rules (subsection Survival, point #4):
Using obviously hacked in items is treated the same as hacking them in yourself.
It is extremely clear that stacks upon stacks of Moon Lord treasure bags were not gained through legitimate means.
How is your ban unfair when you clearly broke this rule?

i did not know this was a thing and the person who hacked in the bags is not banned and also the survival server reset someone on the discord server said it should just clear inventory, shouldent is be like a 50 day ban
or a year ban because the items are wiped?

The person who hacked in the items was also banned.
Survival resets every week, this does not mean that you can break rules without consequence.
Additionally, not being aware of the rules does also not mean you can break them.

All bans are permanent until appealed. This is so that a conversation can take place; so that the user can figure out what they did wrong, and how to avoid it in the future.

If you are given hacked items, you should delete them immediately. If you are unsure if the items are hacked in, just assume that they are.

I want you to read through the rules, and ask any questions you have on them below. Let me know when you have done this.