I have returned

Salutations everyone! I have returned from my 6 day trip around the western cape! I’m sure this will please GR, fuzzy, Razor, Tonnage and some others as it is evidence I am not dead :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and this is what I got for going!

P.S - I purposefully hid my name behind the troll barrier. Good luck trying to track me now, Golden!

Welcome back, mate :smiley:
And I will find you >:D
Just kidding, I’m too lazy <3

Welcome back Leon, good to see you’re still alive and thriving c:

SOrry to tell you this leon, but i’ve already tracked you, i know EXACTLY were you are, don’t fret though my dear friend, for i am to lazy to track you down, yes, i have missed you, Hugs for leon

Welcome back Leon! Its been a quiet week without you here. (Eh, who am I kidding its usually always quiet whenever I’m on) But hopefully it’ll be louder and better than before now that your back. :smiley:

Welcome back Leo!

Welcome back Leonytus. We all missed you and are delighted to have you back.

Thank you everyone! It’s nice to receive such a warm welcome :slight_smile:

wb Leo! :wink:

Welcome back Leonytus!