I have login issues

Can someone help pls

Define your issues. What do you mean by “login issues”?

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If you can’t login and it says that you already have an account, that means you have already registered an account with another character. You can only have one account on this server, and you will have to login under that character’s name

If you can’t login because an account was already registered under the name you chose by someone else, then you have to register another account of a different name and login with that.

If you can’t login or go to different dimensions because your character has certain non-alphanumeric characters or too many caps, try contacting an admin to get your name changed.

What’s Most Likely the Solution to Your Vague Plea for Help

If you registered an account, wait about an hour before you can login.

  • Right now there is a plugin which enables rep-mode.
  • Rep-mode is a duration, and you cannot login during this duration.