I have been banned twice for profanity, but I can explain for the second ban and my mod won't listen

[Q1] Provide the Ban or if none, the reason
I was banned for Profanity and my ban id is 9969

[Q2] Did you break the rules knowingly?
Listen we got on the wrong foot about the profunday to not do it and I listened to you and didn’t start any problems. Then on Tuesday when you came on the server and I wasn’t even doing anything, then you come and reappeal my ban, after you banned me again I tried to discuss what happened here and one of the other mods showed once again proof from two days ago that was before the warning you gave me on the profanity. Of course I got mad because the mod gave proof before the ban warning.

[Q3] Do you think your Ban was fair? If not, please provide a reason.
It would’ve been fair if it actually continued, but I really listened and It didn’t happen since that day, I have been really enjoying this server and making some friends on here, and I even listened to your warning on the 24th, so why did you still ban me after I listened to you? So I don’t think it was.

[Q4] Why should we unban you?
Because I listened to your warnings after the warning you gave me, simple. Russ I think we should still take about this, this isn’t spam, this is me trying to get you to reason with me, but you won’t listen. Do not close this appeal again.

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Russ I’m not done here you still keep avoiding the fact that I hardly did anything after the warnings you gave me Sunday, the only thing I really did past then was the sexual jokes and even then, I didn’t know you could get punished for that until you gave me the warning on that. You showed me proof of me swearing at players was from Sunday and the only proof you showed me past then was the sexual jokes. When you banned me on Tuesday I literally did nothing to anyone that day and you still banned me.


I am not sure what else there is to discuss. Would you like me to post more evidence from your PM you sent me? Do you think insulting me and the rest of staff in my PMs did anything beneficial for you? Every time you speak to me it seems as if you are trying to put another nail in an already sealed coffin. You seem to forget that you were banned once before, and I was very hesitant to even accept that one. I made the determination that you could not be trusted to follow the rules by my evidence used in your first appeal, as well as what I gathered for the second. I have given you ample evidence as to why I rebanned you, and you refuse to accept that. I get that you badly want to rejoin the server, and be given just one more chance. There was a time when I was banned from Dark Gaming too. I told myself that if I was unbanned, I would absolutely change my behavior from now on. I was serious about this, and to this day I have held myself critically accountable for just about everything I’ve done. The difference between us is that you have not held yourself accountable for your actions, and refuse to accept you are in the wrong. You have continued trying to justify your actions, and have been testing your limits since you were unbanned the first time, which tells me you have not learned your lesson. You are out of second chances, I am not giving you special treatment over all the others I have banned. I am doing what I believe to be fair, that is all.


I do think what I did was wrong on the first ban ban and I do feel like I did wrong before the warnings I have admitted to what I feel I have done is wrong, but what happened was after the warnings seems to not add up to me, I definitely was in the wrong there and was not aware of other server rules before then, and I’m sorry for the sexual jokes at the end, I was just joking around with other players on the server and got too ahead of myself with it. I do understand my actions and what I did, all I was saying was I don’t think much happened after the warnings that is ban worthy, that’s all, I’m not trying to deflect myself here and I am aware of my actions.


I think you are honestly sorry for what you did, but being sorry is not enough anymore. My mind has not changed, the ban will remain. This appeal is denied. Do not turn around and make another one immediately, that is not how this works. I’ve now handled at least three appeals from you, and will not be handling any more. If you make any more, I seriously will consider it spam. As it is you are evading your first forum account’s suspension, which like I said before I highly disapprove of. There is no reason for all of this.