I have a problem in survival

Now that I was playing I got two dolls for the meat wall and when I returned to the spawn to prepare myself against the meat wall I got a message that I could not have 2 dolls and I threw them But now that I wanted to continue playing I appeared made of stone saying that the dolls were still in my inventory and I no longer had anything Could you please help me?

I realized that the dolls may be stored in one of the private chests since when I put things away and I left I was already made stone

Did you hack these in? Guide Voodoo Dolls aren’t normally stackable, which is why you are getting stoned.

not really one I got it by killing a demon and another I found it next to some torches in a chest in the dungeon

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Justamente cuando ordene mis objetos me empezĂł a salir ese mensaje

Yes; but there is no way to legitimately stack them like this…

You aren’t able or supposed to use /item in Survival. If you somehow manage that, it’s an exploit.

I was with those items for 30 min and that had not happened to me and now I have nothing in the inventory and I get that message

So now what should I do or will I get banned on suspicion?

That same problem had happened to me with objects that were supposedly illegal, it would not let me move, it was dynamite and an object that threw snakes something like that and then the next day it was no longer stone

To fix that, trash the banned items. Stoning you in that case is intentional.

But I can not move and I already threw everything that the server forbade me and I continue like this): Wouldn’t it be better if they delete my inventory? I don’t want to stop playing again :cry:

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Do you own a legitimate copy of Mobile Terraria?

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I bought it

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Did I really just get banned?

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