I hate this server so, so much.

I’ve been playing with my friend on his world, we just got to hardmode. Anyway, my friend pranked me and removed my weapons, and he told me I could just get them back from this server. So I joined, and for some reason it replaced ALL my items with a previous state of my character. Like, WHAT THE HECK?! Seriously? I don’t remember what I had! Thank you for ruining my character :slight_smile:

Title and sarcasm make it sound like you don’t want anyone to help you. If there are issues, you can report them. Either way, people use the items area all the time, it takes a few minutes to grab what you need unless you’re just browsing. I don’t see why your character being reverted is a big deal if you can grab items in a few minutes. Either way, how would it be possible for the server to revert your character? It knows nothing about your previous character state before you joined the server.

In the time it took to write this you could have recovered all of your missing items from the item area…