I don't know why I was banned.

I do not know why I was banned. I was banned around 12:00 eastern daylight time. I have been banned now for about 4 hours now. I was banned while not on the server, but my last location was the spawn v4. I do not know the rank of the person who banned me but I assume they were at least deviser rank. I feel this is very unfair because I have not broken any rules that I know of, and I read the rules. I should be unbanned because I follow all rules in order to enjoy servers, I do not grief (it’s not funny), I do not spam (it’s annoying), and I never ever disrespect another person. (I hate disrespectful people)

Please use the format. :slight_smile:

just wondering, why was I banned?

I’m pretty sure that you were banned for griefing, but please, use the format.

Actually, never mind man. I know you’re Uprisist. I’m going to delete this now.*

*I TSearched you, you both have the same IP.