I do not like defying rules, so I made this.

I read this rule:
“# Exploits
Rare or otherwise unknown exploits are not allowed either. Players will not have the knowledge to clarify this as ‘fair’. As such, these are classed as no other than hacking.”

I exploit a bug that allows me to have two of one accessory, this gives me a bit more damage(4 more damage on my otherwise 253 damage weapon), so I was hoping that if it was made public on the server, that it would in no way be against the rules.

  1. Have two of one accessory.
  2. Place one somewhere in your inventory and place the other one in your accessory vanity slot that is not the first one(I prefer the second slot).
  3. Right-click the one in your inventory.
  4. Right-click the one in your vanity slot.
  5. ???
  6. Profit!
    (I don’t know if anyone will get this reference)

(I am hoping that creating this will allow me to more safely not defy this rule, and that it doesn’t make you guys make me only wear one of each accessory, I could have easily kept it secret.)

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Isn’t profit meant to be the 4th step in any series of instructions :P.

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Well, it was originally the third step.

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But back on topic, this could be allowed as it is possible for everyone to do it, like shooting through walls with certain weapons, as all they have to do is follow the correct process. Issues arise when only one person, or a select few, are able to do it, like in the case of hacks that allow for infinite health or admin commands like godmode that make it unfair for PvP.

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Albeit a small exploit, we can see players inventories and things like this would be found eventually. This rule was made because a player was stating that a certain unfair exploit was allowing him to do something that seemed like hacking; if I remember correctly, he said he found an exploit to apply several iron skin debuffs giving him so much defence that any attack did 0 damage. This claim couldn’t be proven and so a rule was drafted against this as it was unfair. The player was banned.

Statement of this exploit has been found which means any allegations of hacking made against people with duplicate accessories can be redirected here. Therefore, making it not against the rules.