I can't join lobby other than items and gamemodes

If i join a lobby(that is not items or gamemodes) the server will freeze for me, i don’t know what caused that problem. This problem only occurred to my logged in account.

Same problem here

What platform are you on. PC or mobile?

Personal Computer

Are you attempting entry with a Journey Mode Character?

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this happened after i registered on dtp or saved loadouts

Being able to do /loadout has no bearing on whether you can join certain dimensions or not.
Having an account registered on the DTP should not restrict entry to certain dimensions; in-fact, it should allow you to join all dimensions.

  1. You have a spammy name
  2. You are playing with a Journey Mode Character

Can you not join PvE or Sitems? These dimensions have no requisite for entry.

i can’t join PVE too, but i could join sitems
the user name is: “Classic beggar noob”

Do you get a Dimensional Alert when you try to join any Dimension with Master Mode (e.g. every dimension besides Sitems, Items, and Gamemodes)
The problems you are describing correlate with having a Journey Mode character.

no i did not get a dimensional alert, the server just freezes and i can destroy blocks without the blocks reappearing

I think I comprehend the issue you have, and as of now, I do not have a solution for it.

similar to that, but there was no solution

His issue hasn’t been resolved yet either. Your cases are similar, and the only difference is that Slendergaming200 has a different name and is a Mobile player.

Yeh I know but we’ll get solution someday

yeah, we hope that this problem will get patched

i can now join every servers except pve and build