I am back in the server!

Sorry guys for being away for such a long time. Dealing with life, schoolwork, etc. But I will be more active in the server now. I hope I can catch up with everything that happened while I was away.

if your going to catch up on all the stuff that has happend while you were a way you going to have fun.
oh and [colour=blue] Welcome back to Dark-gaming[/colour].

Yaaaaaaaay!!!1 :smiley:

Wb :slight_smile: What’s your IGN, is it TerrarianElite too? Just wondering cuz the name sounds familiar but I can’t quite place it :stuck_out_tongue:

Its Terrance :3

O now I feel dumb ,-, Hey Terry :3

Who ever you are ;D Welcome Back

TERRY BERRY where you been!!! D: my feels have been broken cause you aren’t on nuff!
You need to get your ass back on the server I miss your crude sense of humor ;-;

Lol that’s so touching LOL I bet you forgot about him >_>