How to use "Time" in DTP

Does anyone can tell me how i use this “Time”?

It seems useless because i hold the “Time” and i click equip, restore, or extend and nothing heppens…


“Time”'s sole purpose is to extend other item’s lifetime. You click extend or restore on the item you want to extend and double click on time


Oh no i just wanna click the rofle fan and its gone :frowning:


oof, be careful while in Extend/Restore because any time you click will be consumed forever
There’s a little pop up in the top-center of your screen you can click to cancel that state


Sad Rofle fans gone forever cuz the Time munchers
K thank but i think this Time is useless for me cuz when i leave the dtp and relogin the dtp, the lifetime remain is full to there lifetime remains base on the Rarity rate…

K ill mark for you a Solution.

Pls gib me rofle fans if anyone have it.

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@Nextar Note that (if you didn’t already know), all times are frozen at the moment, basically giving everything infinite lifetime.


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