how to post?

i know this is the easiest question but… i kinda seem to be having trouble finding the post button

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Hello. What do you mean “where to find the post button”? Do you perhaps mean how to reply to topics or how to submit one? Or are you trying to post in a restricted section of the forum. (By restricted I mean only staff can post there) If that is the case you are unable to post there unless you reach a position of staff on the server (Above helper).

If you are asking how to submit topics or replying I’ll post a short clips below on where to look.

How to open a new thread -

How to reply to a topic -

i know how to reply to post and know how to make threads, but making a post is my problem
cause i cannot find how to post in this forum

You should be able to just post by submitting a thread and typing on it, then at the bottom there is a create button. In short, creating a thread and replying is posting.

makes sense did help, wait they are called Threads not Threats wow i read it wrong

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