How i use build?

After 40 days of voting,
After finally getting crew
After a 2 Hour exploration in build to find a place
I finally finded the perfect place to start building a zombies map

And then…, this wall of commands appears…

So yeah, What this is for?
I have to use specific commands to set an area or another strange thing,or just start cleaning the area and building like nothing

(By cleaning the area i mean that i will build underground, so i need to remove an area of blocks)

And if i need commands, which i have to use or know about it?


The majority of those commands don’t have any particular use for Build. The ones you’ll probably be using often is /pos to get the location of your building area, !day or /!day, and /more all to refill each stackable item in your inventory.

The rest are either mostly designed to function outside of Build, have basically zero use inside of Build, or are things you could probably pick up on just by reading the command.

A staff member(more specifically Dimension Manager+) can set a region for you. You’ll still need to manually clear it though, unless they feel nice enough to do it for you.


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