How do you use //schem?

I’ve been trying to use //shcem or //schematic in another server with TShock. I’ve used //point 1 and //point 2 and then did //schem save and named my selection and it said it saved. But when I try to do //schem load it says it was on the clipboard but then when i try to paste it, it just gives me a column of stone. Every time…

–Wyvern Squad Captain

are you doing //cut or //copy ?
You need to cut or copy to clipboard before //schem save

Thanks. It worked. Also, how do you use //set. I keep getting “Invalid conditional”

You do the points, then just say you want to set dirt: //set “Dirt block” Maybe it is just //set dirt

If it warns you about conditional you must be not using quotes like //set gold brick or you have an outdated version. Conditionals are things like //set dirt where !tile.

What you just said was very confusing…

If it warns you about a conditional :

Like that ^
You must not be using quotes “”. Like you might be doing //set gold brick but it should be //set “gold brick” with the “” quotes. Either that or you are using an older version of the plugin.
What it means when it says “conditionals” is the “where x” part. For example, you could do :
//set “gold brick” where tile, !wall
^ This puts gold bricks down where there exists blocks (tiles) but not (!) walls.

Okay. Thanks. I get it now