So recently, I’ve been struggling to keep up with school, and still enjoy playing all my games, so I’ve been thinking of the games that I play, and why I play them. Really, one of the main reasons I’m still playing terraria is because of the PvP. And it’s slowly dieing. I love the community, but PvP is the biggest factor in why I’m still a player on most servers. And thus, I decided, if I am just here to PvP, I should have a list. A hitlist.
So I made a small list of all the players I wish to be able to duel to a standstill, or even beat in a duel before I quit terraria and move on with other things. (I’m not going to quit anytime soon, I promise that, this is just something I want to do before I inevitably leave for other games)

If you’re on this list
Then you best be prepared for me to try and arrange a duel between us,
'cause I’m coming for you

The list is ordered in who I want to take down first, or as some see it, worst to best (opinions may vary)
Casmir Dresdun
Logan V2

What about any of the rest of you? Do you have any type of hitlist, or anything alike?
Also, if you think you’re worth me adding to my hitlist, say so you pleb (ง◕ᴥ◕)ง

You know I never PvP right? I only do it for a laugh.

Yes, I know that.

My hitlist:
-Blue Slime
-Green Slime
-Yellow Slime
-Jungle Slime
-Purple Slime
-Black Slime
-Rainbow Slime
-Sand Slime
-Ice Slime
-Nyan Cat
-Doge’s Evil Twin (lol idk who that is)
oh yeah and lets not forget (Drumroll)
Lord Avery’s Face a.k.a my old Phase avatar

btw who is FOFLE?

EDIT: most of my hitlist has been cleared!
Moving on to my Retirement Hitlist!

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