Helper or moderator

Hello I would like to apply for helper (sorry for the title if it messes you up, I read the format and edited this)
I have been on this server for 7 days and my current rank is Crew.
I would be willing to give up my freedom of not having to worry about not being asked many questions and will accept this responsibility and will answer all questions I am asked by new players.
I am very mature and do not joke around a lot. My in-game name is Uprisist_. I am on this server a least around once a day. I want to be a helper because I want to help other players as I always do. I will make sure that if i’m asked a question and i’m doing something, I will answer the question at my expense. I know a lot of things about this server and Terraria so I can be very helpful for other players that don’t understand. Like I said, I am 12, I am a boy, I like terraria and Minecraft a lot.

You have to be crew for a week on the server first. Then apply for helper, then wait at least a month. Then apply for moderator.

Wait I was just typing this then suddenly this started happening

Oh ok ill wait for next Friday for an answer

Try adding the numbers to the questions, and spacing out each of them. and bolding the questions would make it look nice. Closed for now.