Helper Commands

I may not be a helper yet, but I seen a lot of greifets these days. It would nice if helpers got /history to catch griefers. You can snap shot the griefed area, along with the proof with /history. This will help the server because helpers can catch griefers by using ice rod, and it would save the moderators a lot of time. Just a suggestion! :slight_smile:

yeah I agree We should get /kick and stuff too like /buff

Not a bad idea :slight_smile: Wouldn’t hurt I wouldn’t think
~Shadow, I say only the more experienced Helpers would get /kick if they did and they already have /buff xD

I also agree

I don’t think helpers should get /kick… They only help. in most ways but not in all ways

Shadow, helpers should not get /kick so many reasons. The only way I got it because I have a lot of successful reports, and rofle trusts me with this command…

Helper’s job as the title says is to help.
Slayer and I have received the /kick because of the successful reports.
Buff is a cmd item as I know and can be earned and used only by using it on the TI.
The /history is all up to popstar, but I will have no problem except of learning the new helpers and there are
odd that the testing will be changed abit since its a major part with enforcing the rules (but yhats not the Helper’s job after all)

Helpers already have/gbuff (allows you to buff/debuff every person on the server). I dont think Helpers should get /kick, cause they could instakick one person. Let trusted peoples and moderators get /kick, i dont think everybody needs that.

good point but what if no admin or mod is on onley me and someones griefing spaming or useing profanity what can helpers do?

Report on the forum.
This is what the player report forum was made for.
The staff members all have different time zones so when some are sleeping others can maintane the server.

Helpers can extend their knowledge by learning how to help people solve their grief problems.

The point of having Helpers is so they can answer people’s questions. If they happen to see anybody misbehaving, they should report it. We carefully chose the commands Helpers have specifically so that it is impossible for them to do something we don’t want them doing on accident. Being able to kick can lead to a lot of controversy as far as when it is an appropriate time to use that power. Once they get more experience being a staff member, then many will leave, but the staff that are left have both experience, and dedication. It is at that point that they are ready for greater responsibility as a Moderator.

i dont think helpers should get kick but mabey they could get a /slap command but only does up to 100dmg

No. People would abuse that. /history is needed, though.

helpers get the /slap command but it only goes to 15. So do mods i think

I am a helper and I don’t have the cmds.