Hello im new

Im very confused on the DP system and im new hello!

I want a cookie btw :3

My in game name is Shime

Hia, Shime!
DP is the in-game (and website currency) of the server.
It’s mainly used at the shop (once you unlock it by reaching the required level).

DP can be gained by selling items in the shop and can be used for buying items from the shop as well.

Welcome to the Terraria server Dark Gaming, Shime! Have fun, enjoy your sit here, you can pick a cookie at the table…ughh…to the…left, left, also some cake too! If you want to know how stuff work here, then you should do some research here, on the forums.

Welcome to the Dark-Gaming server Shime! You won’t regret joining our mostly lovely community! We don’t care if you make little or alot of contribution, as long as it’s alot we’re happy! (jk) Also sub to my channel on YT for Dark-Gaming videos! youtube.com/c/Razorvenom