Hello I'm Liroken!

Hi I’m Liroken! I joined the server yesterday, and I already love it :slight_smile: just a little downside; not enough “events” :confused:

What do you mean by “events”? Like in-game events such as frostmoon? If enough people request it, and a staff member with an ability to start it is online, then they would happily do so.

Yeah! like… I don’t know, mini games or something you know? would be awesome :slight_smile:

We will have clan wars and such. I have heard of the server having a gem game, but I don’t know how to play it. Also thanks pop, that cleared stuff up for me. I heard that there had to be an admin online, and they have to be okay with it. Thanks

you have a gem in ur inventory and turn on PVP and when u die u drop the gem!

Oh hi spoderman.

Haha that’s a good one.

See more on Know Your Meme

Also good

ya lol that funny

Okay, if I didn’t say it, Welcome Liroken. Hope you have a good time here!

Yeah, sure! Thanks :slight_smile:

np :slight_smile:

It is awesome that we have a me member who is actually active and didnt make an account only for crew. Thanks for joining!